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Build Your Business with these
productive tools. 


Here is the list of services and upgrades along with their fees...


New Listing Fee $ 7.00
All New Auction Listings Are Valid For 30 Days

Listing Upgrades
Listing Featured on our Front Page   $ 10.00
Your listing will appear in rotation on our front page

Listing Title in Bold  $ 5.00
The title of your listing will appear in in bold to make it stand out and get you more traffic!

Listing Row Highlighted  $ 5.00
Your listing will appear highlighted in color on the listings page

Listing Row Border  $ 5.00
Your listings border will be in color on the listings page to make it stand out 


NOTE: all fees are non-refundable.  Once you place an order your listing will display on the site.  The fee is not a promise or guarantee that your listing will sell, but the service of providing it for sale to buyers.